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  • How can I contact Fetchfix?
    For questions, comments, feedback or suggestions, email us at
  • I already have fetch toys. How is Fetchfix different?
    The difference in our brand and products is driven by the difference in our philosophy. Our goal isn't to just "sell you more stuff." A great experience comes from thoughtful design and a commitment to continuous improvement while ensuring affordability doesn't come at the expense of quality, safety or performance. Our product focus is in creating the essential toys every fetch dog loves to chase while offering greater safety, convenience and performance. We didn't start with a tennis ball or children's toys. We started from scratch to make a toy built for a dog and a system built for you. One size for all dogs. One Launcher for all toys. Safer, smarter, better. That's the experience we want you and your dog to have with our products.
  • What sizes does Fetchfix offer?
    Fetchfix is designed to be universal for all dogs. Tennis balls were never designed for dogs. They were designed for tennis! Other toy companies sought to solve this problem by trying to sell consumers a variety of different sizes and different launchers at different prices. We started from scratch to design a shape that is inherently safer than a round ball and is designed to be picked up by any dog, big or small. Likewise, our Fetchfix One Launcher is designed to throw any launchable toy we make now and in the future. So as we listen to our users and create new toys for new experiences, you won't have to buy another launcher. All you need is Fetchfix One.
  • How is Fetchfix safer than other dog toys?
    Safety and practicing safe fetch is the cornerstone of Fetchfix. When we designed our flagship Cube toy we approached safety from three different angles: - Reduce choking risk through an inherently safer shape than round, spherical toys - Eliminate toy sizing and toy size confusion as variables that could lead to choking hazards - Use a toy construction that has no hollow parts that can create suction and trap the soft tissues of the mouth, tongue and lips. When combined, these design features create a "one-size-fits-all dogs" toy that reduces choking risk because it does not conform to the shape of your dog's throat like a round toy, will never create suction and injure tissues in the mouth, lips or tongue, and will work for any dog in your home so you don't need to worry about the wrong dog picking up the wrong toy. Additionally, we make our toys right here in the USA with premium materials and high manufacturing standards.
  • How do I practice safe fetch?
    Practicing safe fetch is our number #1 priority and it's pretty easy to do: Fetchfix is great for the whole family but is not a child's toy. Kids should only use Fetchfix with active adult supervision. 1. Never throw in the direction of other people or pets. 2. If toys become damaged, replace them immediately. 3. Never leave dogs unattended with toys. Supervise Play. 4. Fetchfix toys are not chew toys! Put them away after fetch. Lastly, Fetchfix products need to be stored inside when not in use. Do not leave outside in hot or cold temperatures as this can negatively impact the thermoplastics in the toys causing failures or decreases in performance.
  • How far can I throw with the Fetchfix One Launcher?
    Fetchfix One Launcher is optimized for medium distances. You can easily play in smaller yards or throw 30 to 40 yards in larger fields.This was an important aspect of our philosophy and intent with these toys. We like to compare fetch to working out. Lifting a huge amount of weight only a couple times doesn't translate to good exercise and can result in injury. Likewise, throwing moonshots, while fun, tires your dog out in just a couple throws and increases the likelihood of losing a toy or even losing your dog - and it's not good exercise! More repetitions at medium distances is more fun for your dog, better exercise and less chance that you spend your fetch time searching for a lost toy. Just as important, it keeps your dog within line of sight and under your guidance.
  • Is there a specific way to throw with the Fetchfix Launcher?
    Everybody throws a little bit differently and your physical size and strength can effect throwing. What we recommend is to bring the cube all the way over your shoulder and as you swing your arm forward snap your wrist. Once you have this motion down you can experiment with shorter throws by modifying how far back over your shoulder you raise your launcher before swinging it forward. You can adjust the point at which you snap your wrist to adjust how you want to throw: snap earlier for higher lofted throws, snap later for faster, flatter trajectories.
  • Where can I use Fetchfix?
    The Fetchfix launcher is sized to enable throwing in smaller yards as well as outside in wide-open spaces! The Cube is also designed to float so you can play at home, at the lake, or any environment you come across with your dog. Just remember to never throw in the direction of other people or pets!
  • What other toys are you working on?
    We have a lot of ideas. We designed our launcher platform to grow with us and with you, and we fully intend to explore exciting new toys for you and your dog that offer great performance, safety, convenience and value. Sign up for our product updates and you will be the first to see what is coming up next! We also want to hear from you. We believe most people don't want or need "MORE STUFF." That's why we want our products to be thoughtfully designed to fill a meaningful spot in the precious time you have to play with your dogs and not just another widget that does the same tired thing. So if there is something you and your dog want that you can't find, let us know!
  • What materials do you use and are they safe for my dog?
    Fetchfix uses only high quality thermoplastics that are tested to ensure non-toxicity. Further, we make our products right here in the USA where we can ensure our high standards for materials and manufacturing are always met. Please remember, these toys are not chew toys! If toys become damaged through play, replace them immediately. Fetchfix products need to be stored inside when not in use. Do not leave outside in hot or cold temperatures as this can negatively impact the thermoplastics in the toys causing failures or decreases in performance.
  • Is Fetchfix recyclable?
    The Fetchfix One Launcher is 100% recyclable. If your city does not offer recycling you can take it to any plastics recyling kiosk such as those at Whole Foods. While the Fetchfix Cube is made from 100% recyclable thermoplastics, the unique patent-pending design combines two different types of materials that are bonded together. Some recycling facilities may not be equipped to process this type of product.
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