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FetchFix Cube™ 2-Pack

FetchFix Cube™ 2-Pack


The FetchFix Cube™ 2-Pack is the perfect companion to your FetchFix One™ Launcher.

The Cube features a patent-pending design built from the ground up to improve safety and performance. The unique cube geometry reduces choking hazards for dogs of all sizes by not conforming to the shape of your dog's throat. But that's just the beginning:


  • Rubbery cube outer provides crazy, erratic bounce to keep even the craftiest canine guessing.
  • Rigid inner provides a secure click-in fit with your FetchFix One ™ Launcher every time.
  • Solid construction means your dog's tongue will never get stuck in our toy.
  • It flys, rolls, floats and bounces ensuring pure fetch satisfaction. Guaranteed.
  • Dark blue color is scientifically proven to provide higher contrast for dogs against grass and dirt
  • Universal size is perfect for small, medium or large dogs.
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