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A better toy,

purpose-built for dogs.

Crazy bounce, better airflow, and a unique shape that reduces choking risk.

Our top priority is safe fetch. That’s why our “ball” isn’t a ball at all. The Fetchfix Cube doesn’t conform to the shape of your dog’s throat which reduces choking risk for dogs of all sizes. But that's not all:


Inset air channels:

Boost airflow to lungs during play.

Solid toy construction:

No hollow toys means

no stuck tongues. Ever.

Enhanced fetch play:

Built to fly, roll, float &

bounce unpredictably.

A better launcher, purpose-built for you.

Portability, convenience and a universal design that throws any size and shape toy we make now and in the future.

The Fetchfix OneLauncher is designed to be adept at play and getting out of your way when you need all your hands on deck for Fido. It has a couple other great features too:

  • Easy pickup & throw

       with the snap of a wrist

  • Hands-free carrying

     with built-in handle hook

  • Included spare toy clip

       keeps an extra toy handy

  • Optimized distance

       sized to enable play in small

         yards or on the great plains.